Let's get acquainted with some of the key terminology! Here, you will get brief explanations of each concept. For detailed explanations, you may browse through the given links.


A Place represents any Point of Interest or POI. These POI represent physical locations like restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, parks, airports and much more. With the Places API you will be able to access attributes for different POIs using the fields in SafeGraph Response objects.


Placekey is a free, universal standard identifier for any physical place so that the data of those places can be shared and easily joined across organizations. You can generate a PlaceKey for a location here.

NAICS codes

SafeGraph uses the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) developed by the US Census Bureau, which consists of a numeric NAICS code up to 6 digits in length. Although this taxonomy was developed in the US, we have found it just as useful for categorizing POIs in other countries as well and will continue to use it until a better alternative presents itself.


A Brand represents a SafeGraph brand, which is defined as a logo or branded store which has multiple locations all under the same logo or store banner. SafeGraph provides brand attributes for major brands in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain (McDonald's, AMC, Macy's, Chevrolet, Whole Foods Market, etc.).