SafeGraph Places data is available through our Places API!

Here you can find:

  • Fundamental information on points of interest (POIs) such as location name, address, brand categories, opening /closing hours and more
  • Geospatial coordinates
  • POI footprints that map the size and area of physical locations using polygons (in wkt format)
  • Spatial hierarchy metadata on how different places relate to each other
  • Metrics on POI visitor behavior, including visit counts, median dwell times, popularity by day and more.

Use our GraphQL API to find the places you care about in a variety of ways:

  • Look up a single POI by submitting a Placekey or a name & location pairing
  • Submit a list of Placekeys for a batch look up.
  • Search for POI by brand, NAICS code, address, and more.


Requests or Feedback?

If there are any additional attributes or functions you may be interested in, please reach out to [email protected].

SafeGraph Data Usage

The Places API is for anyone looking to programmatically obtain data on physical places.

SafeGraph Data is widely leveraged by many different kinds of industries. The retail sector uses Places data to uncover consumer insights, perform trade area analysis, and decide where to place their next store. The finance sector leverages different attributes for risk assessment, investment research and economic forecasting. Governments use geospatial data for urban planning. Insurance companies look to assess liability exposure. Technology companies create maps that help users determine where they want to go next. And the list goes on.

The Places API provides the ability to retrieve specific attributes on places. As a GraphQL API, it allows the user to specify exactly what information is desired and the structure of the expected response. Call the API a single time to get data for a specific project or continually reference it programmatically to keep reference data fresh and up to date.

And finally, be sure to leverage Placekey as the universal identifier to easily join data from other sources to power business needs.

Terms of Use

You may not cache the data for any period of time. For more information, please refer to the Data License Agreement.

If you would like to use the Places API, please contact [email protected].

Rate Limits

The rate limit to the Places API is 1000 requests per minute, and 100 requests per second for the batch requests. A HTTP 429 response code will be returned for requests exceeding this limit.


Data returned in the Places API is versioned. At SafeGraph, we update our Places data monthly. To see which monthly release the response data is from, check the version attribute in every response.