Alongside our Weekly Patterns data, we also make available statistics about our device panel to help you better understand the context of the data appearing in Weekly Patterns. Depending on the use case, our Panel Overview Data can be used to normalize or adjust certain metrics to account for fluctuations in our panel size, down to the Census block group ("CBG") level for the US (or Dissemination area for Canada).



Given that these datasets aggregate at different levels (cbg vs region, etc.) and over potentially different time frames, it is highly suggested that they be obtained with separate queries as they should ultimately live as separate tables in their final destination.

You can request the following Panel Overview data element using the Places API:



Field Name

Further Documentation

Home Panel Summary

Distribution of devices by home CBG for each week (Schema)


Home Panel Summary

Visit Panel Summary

Provides total visitors seen during the week in each region (Schema)


Visit Panel Summary

Normalization Stats

Information about our panel for each day of the week for each region (Schema)


Normalization Stats