About SafeGraph

SafeGraph curates the most accurate and precise database of global points of interest each month to power applications, platforms, and services with a location component. As a source of truth for the physical world, SafeGraph data provides an up-to-date record of where places are located and detailed attribution about each of those places, such as when it opened or closed, what type of place it is, what other places it is affiliated with, and how people interact with that location. SafeGraph delivers high quality data in a unified schema to reduce time spent cleaning and munging data, and serves as a partner in data curation and sourcing for organizations building location-based products and services. Keep reading our technical docs to see our schema, monthly metrics, and helpful information about data delivery and evaluations.

SafeGraph provides four primary datasets:

  • Places: Base information such as location name, category, and brand association for all types of points of interest (POIs) from restaurants to national parks.
  • Geometry: POI footprints with place relationships (spatial hierarchy metadata) depicting when child polygons are contained by parents, or when two tenants share the same polygon.
  • Spend: Aggregated transaction data anchored to individual POI, allowing for granular analysis of where consumers are spending money and how their spending behavior changes over time.
  • Patterns: Aggregated and anonymized visit volume counts.

Our data covers an ever-growing list of POI and we always focus on producing industry-leading quality and accuracy. We even provide resources for you while Evaluating the Data to compare it against truth sets. You can also view our Places Summary Statistics for a detailed understanding of our data coverage.

SafeGraph updates the Places dataset every month and we transparently reveal all of our changes in our Release Notes.

All SafeGraph Places datasets utilize placekey as the primary key, are formatted as delimited CSVs, and can be purchased independently or together.

Please reference the SafeGraph Attribute Matrix for a breakdown of which columns are available per product, and reference the Column Ordering Google Sheet for specific column orderings per product combination. Otherwise, stand-alone purchases will follow the column ordering listed in the individual product schemas.

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