Geometry Summary Statistics

Welcome to SafeGraph’s Geometry Summary Statistics!

Here you will find a collection of the most recent and relevant statistics about our Geometry product which provides POI footprints and spatial hierarchy metadata for places around the globe. You can also see how our datasets have grown over time with each monthly release!



Counts from Latest Release

The statistics presented below are based on the latest release.

Counts from Last 12 Months

Polygon counts vary over time due to changes such as ingesting new polygon sources. For further details, check out the Release Notes.

Category Statistics

The table below provides a POI count by category for all POIs. Toggle through the tabs to navigate by country.

Parking Lots

The following sections cover our Parking Lots product and provide statistics on coverage from a few different angles.

Parking Coverage by Region

See the map below, where states are shaded based on the percentage of POI that have an associated parking lot POI

Parking Coverage by Category

Parking Coverage by Brand

For a given brand in the US, see the portion of POI that have at least one related parking lot. This list includes brands with at least 100 POI that have a related parking lot. Use the filters to easily search by brand name or category.