Accessing SafeGraph Data in the AWS Data Exchange - Preview

Learn the configuration process for receiving SafeGraph places data through AWS Data Exchange (ADX). Learn how to configure an S3 bucket for data delivery, which you can use with Athena, Redshift, and Quicksight.

AWS customers can subscribe and consume SafeGraph data (in file format) through AWS Data Exchange (ADX).

After subscribing to SafeGraph via ADX, you will select an S3 bucket for data delivery. Once the data is imported into your S3 bucket, you can use it in a variety of AWS services, like Athena, Redshift, and Quicksight.

For detailed instructions on subscribing and exporting ADX data, please see this guide provided by AWS.


In order to subscribe and access SafeGraph data via ADX, you must have an AWS account with proper IAM permissions to access and subscribe to ADX products. To receive the data, you must also configure an S3 bucket to import the data.

Delivery Cadence

The underlying data and thus the data available via ADX is updated in sync with our monthly product releases.