Spend Summary Statistics

Welcome to SafeGraph’s Spend Summary Statistics!

Here you will find a collection of the most recent and relevant statistics about our Spend product which provides aggregated transaction data at the POI level.


Volume Stats

The latest Spend release covers:

  • $7,265,233,828 total spend per month
  • 184,106,125 transactions per month
  • 16,723,104 customers per month
  • 1,079,130 places
  • 3,738 brands

Brand Coverage

See our top 250 brands by total spend below and use the filters to search for specific brands or categories.

See our distinct brand counts in each category below.

Regional Coverage

To learn more about geographic bias, check out our notebook on Quantifying Sampling Bias.

The totals for raw_num_transactions and raw_num_customers for each state are tabulated below.

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