Accessing SafeGraph Data in Snowflake

To empower you with deeper, faster insights, SafeGraph has partnered with Snowflake to give you the best data possible.

Enterprise SafeGraph customers with Snowflake accounts can receive data through secure data sharing. Snowflake data sharing is essentially the process of making a SafeGraph data table queryable by a client; this means that the client does not need to maintain or store a local copy of the data and that the accessed data is always the latest and up-to-date dataset.

Once the share is established, customers can immediately begin querying the data directly in Snowflake, like any other database. Customers can also connect their Snowflake-compatible tools (e.g. Tableau, Looker) to access the data share.


In order to setup the share, we require information about your Snowflake account, specifically the following:

  • Organization Name
  • Account Name/ID
  • Region

We work with customers to set up the share and confirm it’s working. We currently create secure shares for most US regions.

Delivery Cadence

The underlying data and thus the data available via data-sharing is updated in sync with our monthly product releases.