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For technical support join the SafeGraph Community. Our 10k+ member community is a place where you can ask and get answers to your questions, share feedback, connect with others working with SafeGraph data, and get access to exclusive events with industry experts.

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Benefits of the SafeGraph Community

The SafeGraph Community provides synchronous and immediate support. The main benefits of joining the community are:

  • Search: Discover the latest ideas, tools, datasets, and concepts others are using

  • Support: Get answers and guidance for all questions about SafeGraph data

  • Learn: Learn from experts in our seminar series and be the first to hear about industry updates

  • Collaborate: Meet and collaborate with other data enthusiasts

Organizations Represented

Thousands of organizations are represented in the SafeGraph Community. Professionals working in retail, insurance, financial services, media & advertising, academia, and more all leverage the community for support.

Community Guidelines

Be kind and respectful
We encourage constructive conversations between community members and the SafeGraph staff. Harassment, threats, personal attacks, discrimination, or trolling of any kind will not tolerated. We want to ensure this community is a safe space for people of all backgrounds, identities, and beliefs.

No Spam
No one likes spam! Any post that is off-topic or excessive promotion will be removed.

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