Global Brands Summary Statistics

Gain access to SafeGraph's Global Brands Summary Statistics, a collection of stats summarizing the most recent and relevant statistics. See metrics on brand counts per country, brand coverage, and fill rates.

The latest Global Brands release is available for 255,074 POI (+76,400 from last month) from 787 brands (+99 from last month) in 209 countries (+0 from last month). Note that countries refer to the iso-3166 country code notation.

:eyes: Are we missing a brand or country? :eyes: Please let us know here! We are adding hundreds of new brands across all countries every month, and we prioritize our brand queue based on your feedback. See here for a list of brands and countries we're currently working towards. If you have more general product feedback or questions, please contact our sales team.

Note that the columns opened_on, closed_on, and tracking_closed_since are filled in the November 2021 release onwards.

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