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SafeGraph gives you complete control over how you purchase your datasets. Purchase the exact data you want by searching for a Location, Brand, or Category. Choose from datasets, which show # of attributes, price per record (location) for that dataset and last refresh data. Your purchased datasets will be pre-joined and available for download within your SafeGraph account.

You can also use the free Match Service to upload a CSV of your own data and enrich with more attributes.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the SafeGraph data available for download the same as the data Sales offers?
    For the most part, yes. All of SafeGraph datasets are available online with the exception of neighborhood and weekly patterns.
  • What is the “No. of Records” when I search?
    Each Record represents a single location or an address. The No. of Records is the number of locations for which data is available within your search area.
  • What is the cost per record in my cart?
    Cost per record is the sum of per-record price for all datasets selected.
  • What does “pre-joined datasets” mean?
    All datasets in your cart are connected by the Placekey identifier. When delivered, they are combined into a single file for ease of joining and consumption.
  • What relationship does SafeGraph have with the other data providers?
    SafeGraph has a partnership with the other data providers.
  • Do you have an API solution?
    Yes! In the coming months, SafeGraph will offer an API for all datasets.

Data Categories

To learn more about Data Categories including use cases and related datasets, visit the pages below:

Bulk Data & General Inquiries

Talk to our sales team about a SafeGraph bulk license.
Visit our data partners webpage to learn more about becoming a data partner.

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